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December 2016
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February 22, 2013

Water For The Win

Sipping a soda on a hot (or cold!) day may sound delicious, but it can be hindering your weight loss success. A recent article by the Harvard School of Public Health claims that drinking a can of soda increases childhood obesity risk by an upwards of 60% in the course of 18 months, and adults feel the effects too. If you’ve already elected for bariatric surgery at the Christiana Institute of Advanced Surgery and you are working on reducing your weight, avoiding nutrient-devoid beverages like sodas or sugary drinks is a crucial part of your new lifestyle. Drinking plain or flavored water is an excellent way to spur your weight loss success forward. Continue reading

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April 17, 2012

Lap-Band in the News

Readers who are following weight loss news in the press have noticed the information about investigations into deaths associated with the lap band surgery at a Los Angeles based medical group. The media have been discussing the incidents of “ improper care” that led to several deaths among Lap-Band patients in California. We are discussing this topic today because here at CHRIAS we aim to provide objective information on how weight loss surgery can be a valuable, often life-saving tool when approached with proper practice and performed by qualified experts. Continue reading

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October 20, 2011

Utilizing Robots for Surgery Part 1: Robot Interest and Logistics

I recently decided that our practice should expand its horizons and think about using one of the available robots to perform certain types of surgeries. I thought this would make a great topic to blog about because not only would it serve the purpose of informing you as part of our Chrias community, but it would also allow other readers some access to information about robotic surgery, in general (http://www.davincisurgery.com). From a surgeons’ perspective, it’s all about whether a new approach is better for the patient. Continue reading

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